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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Children of Peace Fundraiser Day


At times, watching and listening to the news can be difficult, particularly for children when the news is about conflict and war. We would encourage children to discuss their concerns with an adult, additional support can be found at BBC Newsround.

For children to witness conflict and live with it day to day, it must be truly difficult. There are a number of conflicts occurring around the world at any given moment that affect the lives of children.

Following a compassionate letter from one of our children in year 5, we would like to do something to offer support to the victims, particularly children no matter their religion or where they live. Therefore, we would like to hold a fund-raising event as a school community.

Mufti day
On Friday 11th June children can come to school dressed in black or white in exchange for a donation of £1 or more. As you are aware, conflict is never black and white and we often talk in school about compassion and kindness being so important in helping to solve any issues that arise with our children. We have chosen white as a symbol of peace and black to commemorate those that have lost their lives in conflict.

There will be donation buckets at each entrance on Friday and children should put their money into these, rather than take it to their classes.
All money raised will go to the charity Children of Peace, who are a non-partisan charity that seeks to protect all of the children and their communities regardless of culture, faith, gender or heritage.


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