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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Football Cluster Tournament


On Thursday the 19th of October Alexandra Primary took part in the Hounslow cluster Best Football tournament. Having only had 3 training sessions the squad was nervous but eager to take part. Alexandra’s A team was up against the Chatsworth Primary B team in their first match and it quickly became clear that Chatsworth had been playing together for much longer than we had. It was a close match but eventually Alexandra A’s took a 1 goal lead. At the final whistle the score was still 1-0 to us. This was a good start for the A team. The B team’s first match was against Hounslow Town’s A team and it was tough from the start with Hounslow town scoring an early first goal. The B team fought back to level the score at 1 all. However with only minutes to go Hounslow Town A team scored another goal leaving the B team 2-1 down at full time.

Alexandra’s A-team was up next against Spring Grove B and the fact that Spring Grove has a proper playing field became quickly apparent. They were much more confident on the ball and quick around the pitch. Despite this Alexandra’s A team dug deep and held Spring Grove B to a 1 all draw. The B team were not so lucky against a vastly superior Spring Grove A team who quickly took a 3 goal lead. Despite some valiant attempts by the B team they were simply outplayed by a superior team. At the final whistle the score was 7-0 to Spring Grove A’s.

The final group stage match for the Alexandra A team was against Hounslow Town A’s and it was a tough match with Hounslow Town taking an early lead. APS continued playing hard and were rewarded with an equaliser after only a few minutes however the celebrations were short lived as Hounslow Town immediately came back with a convincing goal to take the lead to 2-1, a score line that remained to the end of the match.

While Alexandra B lost to Chatsworth’s A team 5-0, the A team still had a chance to go through to the final stage having come second in their group. This meant that Alexandra A were facing Spring Grove A in the semi-final stage. Spring Grove took an early lead that proved to be insurmountable despite heroic play from APS. Spring Grove were simply to experienced and well trained to be beaten by APS with a final score line of 5-1 to Spring Grove.

Both teams represented APS well and the A team should be congratulated for reaching the semi-final stage of the tournament.



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