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Home Learning Update


In response to the latest public health advice regarding self-isolation for the Coronavirus should you or your family have symptoms and the possibility of enforced school closure, staff have been looking at home and on-line learning.  At this stage there is no indication that this will happen but it is important that we have plans in place should the need arise.  Home and on-line learning will only apply if children are feeling fit and healthy.  Currently, the Government has instructed all schools that we should only close if instructed to do so by Public Health England.

To ensure learning continues during the time of self-isolation or should there be an enforced closure of our school, we have thought about learning and the activities that children can be doing during this time. There are activities children can do independently and some which may require some support at home. Reading is the key to enable the whole curriculum to be accessed and so we encourage that this takes priority. Reading can be supported through hard copies of books, Bug Club, Reading Plus (Years 4 to 6) and by visiting your local library now in preparation.

Academic learning is not the only consideration when children are not attending. Wellbeing and physical health are also important concerns during any time away from school.

On our website we have several links to online portals where children can access learning. These are platforms where teachers have set work or where there is a continuous independent access, which can be monitored by teachers. All links are available via our school website.

  • There are three new programmes which teach the fundamentals of Maths and English: Doodle Maths, Doodle English and Doodle Spelling. The programmes are intuitive, which means that they determine what each child will learn when they work on the app. This is an independent learning app, which will inform us about areas of child’s strengths and targets / next steps. Your child’s log in will be their bug club log in. There is a parent app, DoodleConnect, which provides information about your child’s progress when using this programme.
  • Phonics Play – free Phonics play for Reception, Year 1, Year 2 children. Click on the yellow button with a blue background to gain access to this.
  • Reading Plus – vocabulary and reading activities for Year 4 to 6. Children have their own unique log-ins for this programme.
  • My maths – practise tests and independent learning.
  • Mathletics – practise tests and Maths concepts.
  • Timestable Rockstars – times tables practise
  • Third Space (Year 6 only)
  • PIXL Unlock and PIXL TT
  • LGFL
  • Busy things – Part of the LGFL website has lots of curriculum linked activities
  • Bug club – ActiveLearn
  • Grammar explained on LGFL is split into year groups and their objectives appropriate for your child.
  • Language Angels – Year 3 to 6 - MFL games which are module based

All of the home learning above can be accessed via our website under Parents and the online learning tab.  Parents, please remember that normal online safety and vigilant safeguarding rules apply.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily and update parents and carers via our website if things change. In the event of an enforced school closure, we have prepared the above so that we continue to ensure our pupils are working on appropriate material and being supported by staff virtually. Activities will be updated weekly by each year group should we have an enforced closure so that children’s learning can continue at home.

Thank you for your continued support.


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