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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
St Pauls Food Bank Support


Dear School Families,

During this May the Foodbank at St Pauls provided food for 414 adults and 244 children. Each month the numbers get bigger and the level of need grows. We are now opening a second Foodbank at Church of the Good Shepherd on the Meadows Estate. For this reason, we are so grateful for the donations that that been offered. The opportunity to partner with local schools has been a positive outcome from this sad and difficult time.

Sometimes the needs that we hear about are small, other times they are bigger. This time we are actually looking for a toddler bed, to help a family whose children are currently sleeping on the floor.

We are also looking for trolley bags, like the ones in the picture. We have a few guests of the Foodbank who find it difficult to carry their food parcels. Having a trolley bag would solve this problem. If you have one you no longer want, please consider donating it to the Foodbank.

If you are able to help, please could you email me. I can then stop any duplication.

My email is:

If you have a trolley bag, we would ask that you drop it off at the church either on Monday mornings 10-11.30am or Wednesday mornings 9-11.30am, when someone will be at the church to receive it.

If you wish to donate to the Foodbank more generally, the church regularly updates its list of needed items on its Facebook page:  Hounslow West Parish - St Paul's & the Good Shepherd


Our current needs are:

Babymilk Aptimel newborn, Nappies - newborm and size 6

Shower gel, Soap, Shampoo

Washing powder

Sweets and chocolates

Small jars of instant coffee

Cooking oil


Tinned meat products


Sturdy plastic bags / bags for life


On behalf of the Foodbank and the local families, thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely

Henny Pearmain, St Paul’s Church PCC secretary


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