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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
St Pauls Food Bank Support October


Dear School Families,


I sincerely hope that you have remained well over the Summer. With the ongoing COVID situation the level of need for local individuals and families has remained high. In August the two foodbanks that we run provided food for 535 adults and children. We continue to see young families who have particular needs which they cannot fund for themselves.

At the moment we are looking for two cots and wondered if you might have one which was no longer used. If so, would you be willing to donate it?

If you are able to help with the cots, please could you email me.

My email is:


Many schools celebrate Harvest and kindly donate food to our Foodbank. This year, to prevent food parcels being taken into school, we are asking you to bring them directly to the church. If you are able to make a Harvest donation, we would love to ask for things we particularly need at this time.

Please would you consider giving some of the following:

Washing powder/liquid

Cooking oil

Shower gel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste

Small jars of instant coffee

Tinned puddings

Tinned meat

Tinned vegetables

NOT pasta, tinned tomatoes, or UHT milk. We have enough of these.


If you have a cot, or a harvest donation, we would ask that you drop anything off at St Paul’s Church, on the Bath Road, either on Monday mornings 10-11.30am or Wednesday mornings 9-11.30am, when someone will be at the church to receive it. Please come to the door on the right, with the ramp.

The church regularly updates its list of needed items on its Facebook page:

 Hounslow West Parish - St Paul's & the Good Shepherd

On behalf of the Foodbanks and the local families, thank you so much.

Henny Pearmain, St Paul’s Church PCC secretary


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