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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Primary Cross-Country Competition


November 2022

Alexandra took part in this year’s Primary Cross-Country competition. We took 12 boys and girls from year 3 to 6. The competition was split into 4 races. There was a year 3 and 4 girls race, the year 3and 4 boys race, the year 5 and 6 girls race and the year 5 and 6 boys race. At the end of each race, each runner was given a raffle ticket with their finishing position on. The year 3 and 4’s had to run 1000 meters and the year 5 and 6’s had to run 1600 meters. Each finishing position was then added together at the end of each individual race which then would give the schools there overall finishing place. 

The first race was the year 3 and 4 girls. Three girls represented our school in this race. The girls ran as fast as they could and put tons of effort in. They were around the middle of the pack the whole race until the end when all three pushed as hard as they could to all finish in the top half. It was a great effort from all three girls. 

The second race was the year 3 and 4 boys. Three boys represented our school in this race. This was our strongest display from start to finish. Two of the boys right from the start got ahead into the lead pack. They kept running their hearts out and pushed all the way until the end. As a result, the boys finished 7th and 12th out of 81 children, which was an amazing finish. 

The third race was the year 5and6 girls. Three girls represented our school in this race. The girls started off at a slow pace, making sure they were saving their energy as it was a longer race. On the last straight, all three girls put all their remaining energy in and finished really strongly. One girl finished 18th and another 30th out of 137 girls which was an unreal showing. 

Our fourth and final race was the year 5 and 6 boys race. Three boys represented our school in this race. The boys gave it their all and tried as hard as they could, never stopping and pushing themselves to the limit. Our best finishing place was 28th out of 192 children which was an amazing effort. 

Overall, the Year 3and4 girls finished 9th out 15 schools and the year 3 and 4 boys finished 4th out of 18 schools. The year 5and6 girls finished in 8th out of 38 schools and the year 5and6 boys finished 18th out of 56 schools. We finished in the top half in 3 of our 4 races and even finished in the top 10 in two, which is a fantastic achievement from the children. All the children put 110% in and didn’t give up. They never walked and made the whole school proud with their effort.

Year 5/6 Best Kwik Cricket Competition (Borough Finals)


June 2022

Alexandra took part in this year’s Kwik Cricket Borough Finals after finishing as the best placed 2nd team in the North Cluster. The 13 best schools in Hounslow competed against one another to find a winner. The winning team would represent Hounslow in the London Youth Games. All 13 schools were put into one big group. Each school would play 5 group games with the top 4 teams going into the semi-finals. Positions were based of how many runs a team scored. It was the same rules as last time, each team started on 200 runs, every run scored would be added onto their score, a wide or no-ball counted as 2 runs to the batting team every wicket lost would be minus 5 runs, each team bowled 8 overs with every fielder bowling 1 over each and the batting team would be split into pairs and that pair would bat for 2 overs each. The only difference was, the teams bowled 3 ball overs instead of 6 ball overs.

Our first game was against Bedfont. We won the toss and chose to let Bedfont bat first. Our bowlers and fielder performing really well. Along the way, we took 4 wickets, which reduced Bedfont’s score to 220 runs. It was now our time to bat. We finished on 224 runs meaning we won our first game by only 4 runs.

In our second game, we played Strand on the Green.  We won the toss again, and again we let Strand bat first. Strand got off to a very strong start, hitting a lot of 4’s and 6’s in their first 2 overs. The amazing thing is, we didn’t let that affect us as after the first 2 overs, we completely stopped their run scoring, with some really impressive fielding and accurate bowling. The star of the show was our 6th bowler, who picked up an amazing 2 wickets in his over. We picked up 4 very important wickets which gave us a very good chance of winning. We reduced Strand to again, 220 runs. This time, we got off to a really strong start, hitting 4 6’s in our first 2 overs. In the end, we finished on 248 runs, meaning we won the game by 28 runs.

In our third game, we played Belmont. We lost the toss and Belmont chose to bowl first. Our batters smashing boundaries. It was a master class on how to bat, with our batters not losing a wicket for the second game in a row and finishing on 283 runs, which was a competition high. We bowled well again, with a few fielding mistakes this time. But Belmont would only finish on 230 runs, meaning we won by 53 runs.

In our fourth game, we played St Michael and St Martins. We lost the toss and they decided to bowl. Our opener smashed five 6’s of the opening 2 overs. Which put us in a very dominant position. For our first 7 overs, the only runs we scored were 6’s. St Michael and St Martins didn’t make it easy, bowling very well and accurately. Again, we didn’t lose a wicket and we posted a score of 265 runs. We kept the bowling clean and tidy and the boys gave everything to stop them scoring runs. A special mention to one of our fielders, who took one of the best catches I’ve ever seen. The batter hit a pull shot very hard, going straight for a 6, but our fielder moved over and took an incredible two-handed catch just below his chest. We took a solid 3 wickets, with them only finishing on 210 runs, meaning only allowed them 10 runs and won the game by 55 runs.

In our final group game, we played Edward Pauling. They won the toss and chose to field meaning we were batting first. We picked up runs and we finished on 240 runs. This left us with a tough fielding and bowling job on a smaller pitch. Edward Pauling finished on 227 runs, meaning we won by 13 runs.

At the end of the group, we finished 1st place and made the semi-finals, with the only team to win 5 out of 5 games. We also finished on the most runs with 1260 scored and took the 3rd most wickets, with 13. Heston finished in 2nd, Cranford 3rd and Hounslow Town 4th. We should have played Hounslow Town, but we ended up playing Cranford in the semi-final.

The toss for the semi-final went to us and we chose to bowl first. We started off in a positive way, hitting a few boundaries and running between the wickets well. We were in control and in the lead, but in our final 3 overs, we lost 2 wickets due to being run out, which would cost us dearly. We finished on 232 runs, meaning we lost our semi-final by only 3 runs. However the children had played fantastically.

Overall, everyone was so proud of the team who took part. The skills on display were out of this world. They gave everything and can hold their heads high with pride.

The children did the school proud with their performance.

Year 5/6 Best Kwik Cricket


​June 2022

Alexandra took part in this year’s Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket Competition at Springwell school. 10 boys from year 4, 5 and 6 represented the school. The schools were put into 3 groups of 3, with each school playing each other once. You received 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a win. The top team from each group and the best second place team would make it through to the borough finals. Each team would only be allowed to play 8 players. Each team would start on 200 runs with the normal ways of scoring runs in use. Every run scored would be added onto the 200 runs. Each team would face 8 overs, with the batting team putting their players into pairs. Each pair would face 2 overs.

All 8 players on the fielding team would have to bowl 1 over each. Every wicket the fielding team got, would result in the batting team getting minus 5 runs. After the fielding team bowled all 8 of their overs, the teams would swap over.

Our first game was against Cranford A. Our captain won the toss and chose to field first. We got off to a tricky start, giving away runs due to wides and fielding mistakes. Our middle bowlers picked up the level, getting 4 wickets and reducing Cranford’s run rate. But, after a couple of big overs, Cranford finished on an impressive, 276 runs. Meaning, we needed 277 runs to win. We got off to the best possible start, smashing 50 runs off our first 4 overs. But, unfortunately in our next 4 overs, we lost 6 wickets and our runs dried up. Which resulted in us finishing on 252 runs, losing the game by 24 runs which everyone felt really disappointed by.

In our second and final game, we played Springwell B. We all knew we had to score a lot of runs in order to get through as Cranford A beat Springwell B in the pervious game. Our captain again won the toss and chose to bat this time. Again, we got off to an amazing start smashing 4’s and 6’s all over the place. But this time, we didn’t have a collapse and kept picking up runs all over the place. We finished our innings on 290 runs, which was a tremendous effort. When Springwell B stepped up to bat, they were blown away by the skill on display by our bowlers and fielders. We took 6 wickets and reduced Springwell to only 216 runs which meant we won by a massive total of 74 runs.

The huge score in our second match meant that we qualified for the borough finals as the best second place team. We finished with the 3rd highest runs scored out of all 9 teams. It was an amazing effort from everyone and the boys were over the moon with getting through. Our captain led by example, scoring loads of runs and bowling two exceptional overs. We look forward to competing in the borough finals.

Year 3/4 Tennis Festival


May 2022

Alexandra took part in this year’s Year 3/4 Tennis Festival at Dukes Meadows Tennis Centre. We were 1 of 46 schools who entered this year’s Tennis Festival. We had 5 girls and 5 boys from year 3 and 4 take part. The children were put into pairs, one boy with one girl and were given a number between 1 and 5. The schools were split up into groups of 6. Each pair played all the pairs with the same number as them. So, pair number 1 from Alexandra would have to play all the other number 1’s from the 5 other schools in our group. We played half our games on the hard court and the other half on the clay court. We played 25 games overall. 12 on the hard court and 13 on the clay court. The games were 8 minutes long and were scored. A point would be awarded if the other pair hit the ball off the court, if they let the ball double bounce on their side or hit the net and the ball bounced back on their side. The winning team was the team with the most points at the end of the game.

We started on the hard court and got off to good start, winning 7 of our 12 opening games. The children performed really well, showing some amazing forehand and backhand shots. Pair 1 stood out in the opening games, winning all 3 of their games. The children did struggle with how high the ball bounced on the hard court. We then moved onto the clay court for our second half of games. The children performed even better than they did on the hard court, winning 9 of their 13 games. The children much preferred playing on the clay court as they found it easier to move and the ball didn’t bounce as high. Again, the children showed tremendous skill and battled extremely hard.

Overall, we won 16 of our 25 games, which was a fantastic effort all round. Pair 1 won 4 of their 5 games which was the standout showing. Pair’s 2, 3, 4 and 5 all won 3 of their 5 games. Which meant every pair won the majority of their games, which again, is amazing. One of the highlights of the day, was pair 2 who won their fourth game 18-1. That was our biggest win by a mile. The children performed exceptionally well and were very proud of their efforts.

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Year 1/2 Quadkids


​May 2022

Alexandra took part in this years Year 1and2 Quadkids competition in May 2022. 13 teams entered the competition from Hounslow. 5 girls and 4 boys from year 1and 2 represented the school in this competition. The competition was made up of 4 events. A 50-Meter sprint, a 300-Meter run, a Standing Long Jump and a Vortex Howler Throw. Each child would have one attempt at the 300-Meter run and 50-Meter Sprint and 3 at the Standing Long Jump and the Vortex Howler Throw.

Our first event was the Standing Long Jump. The children had to stand behind a line on two feet. They went one at a time. When the leader said go, the child would jump as far as they could from a standing start. When they landed, they would be measured from the furthest point back (their heels if they landed on their feet). There were some amazing jumps. With everyone jumping over 1.08 meters. One of the girls in Year 2 jumped 1.80 meters. Which was an amazing effort.

Our second event was the 300-Meters run. The children had to run about around a real athletics track. The children were put into pairs, and ran in the same race against 2 other schools with their times being recorded down. The children did unbelievably well, winning 3 of the 5 races we took part in. In the other 2 races, we finished 2nd. It was an amazing effort from the children as it was a very hard event. The year 1’s stole the show, with one of the girls running the race in 1.17 (M:SS) and one of the boys running the race in 1:16 (M:SS).

Our third event we took part in was the Vortex Howler throw. It was a difficult one for the children, as most of them have never thrown a Vortex Howler before. The children tried their hardest and got better as they went on. The children threw some respectable scores, with the furthest being 15.00 meters from a boy in year 1.

Our final event was the 50-Meter sprint. The children ran one at a time against two other children from two different schools. Our children absolutely smashed it, winning 7 of our 9 races. With the other two finishing 2nd and 3rd respectably. It was an amazing showing from the children. Our quickest run was from a child in year 2, who ran their 50-Meter sprint in 8.80 seconds. Which is an amazing time.

Overall, we finished in 3rd place. Which was a terrific effort from the children who took part. We were closer to 1st place than we were 4th place in terms of points. The children had great fun and made everyone at Alexandra proud. The children were delighted to of finished in 3rd place out of 13 schools.

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Year 3/4 Best Football


​March 2022

Alexandra took part in this year’s Year 3/4 Best Football Competition in March 2022. A mixture of 9 boys and girls from year 3 and 4 represented the school. All the schools entering were split into groups of 6 or 7. The children showed amazing attitude, courage and skill throughout the competition. As a result, we won 4 of our 6 group games. The willingness to never give up was definitely on show, as we won two games from 1-0 down scoring with almost the last kick in both games. We finished 3rd out of 7 teams in our group. We missed out on the finals by 3 points.

We finished off the competition by playing another school who also finished 3rd in their group. Who we also beat 1-0. So overall, we won 5 out of our 7 games. Which is an amazing effort from everyone involved.   

Year 5/6 3v3 Basketball


March 2022

Alexandra took part in this year’s year 5/6 3v3 basketball competition in March 2022. We were put into a group with 4 other schools. We got off to the best possible start, winning out first game 6-0. With some lovely early baskets. Unfortunately, we lost our second game 4-0 as we just couldn’t seem to score.

In our third game, we narrowly won 4-0 after some great defence from the team. We needed to win our last group game to get through to the Semi-finals. We were winning 6-3 with 1 minute to go. But unfortunately, the other team scored two baskets in the final minute including a basket in the last 10 seconds to narrowly knock us out of the competition.

So overall, we won 2 out of or 4 group games, missing out on the semi-finals just. The team played some incredible basketball. Some amazing passing and scoring on the attacking side. But, I think the most impressive part was our defensive skills and how well they all worked together.

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Year 5/6 Cricket Match


Thursday 24th March 2022

Alexandra played a friendly Kwik Cricket match against Wellington Primary School in March 2022. This was a warm up game for the Kwik Cricket competition in June. Wellington won the coin toss and chose to bat first.

After some great bowling and fielding from Alexandra, Wellington finished with a score of 145 runs. The teams swapped over and it was our turn to bat. We started off very strong scoring a lot of runs at the start of our innings. Even hitting 30 runs off of one over. But unfortunately, we ended out batting innings with 141 runs, losing by just 4 runs.

Overall, considering the team only had 2 training sessions, the team performed extremely well, Especially with the bat.

Year 5/6 Girls Football


​November 2021

Alexandra took part in this year’s Year 5/6 Girls Football competiton in November 2021. 9 girls from year 5 and 6 were selected to represent the school. All the schools taking part were put into multiple groups consisting of 5 teams.

The girls showed amazing structure as a team not conceding a single goal the whole competition. With some amazing goal saving challenges and cracking saves from our goalkeeper. Despite finishing joint third in our group, we missed out on the knockout stage via goals scored. Overall, the team played some amazing football and showed a great desire not to lose.

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Primary Boccia Ball


November 2021

Alexandra took part in this year’s Primary Boccia Ball competition in November 2021. We decided to enter an A, B and C team. Each team consisted of 4 children. One child from each year group. There were some very tense moments and a great amount of skill shown from the children. All the schools were put into two groups. After all their efforts, unfortunately we finished 6th in group 1 and 5th and 6th in group 2. Overall, the children had great fun and learnt some new skills along the way.

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Primary Cross Country


November 2021

Alexandra took part in this year’s Primary Cross Country in November 2021. We entered 2 children from each year group, which consisted of a mixture of 8 boys and girls. The children in year 3 and 4 ran 1km (1000m) and the children in year 5 and 6 ran 1 mile (1600m). They all tried their hardest from start to finish.

The highlight was, one of our year 6 children finished 5th out of around 100 participants. Overall, the children ran their hearts out gave everything with some very impressive finishing positions.

Year 5/6 Football Borough Festival


​Wednesday 22nd January 2020

This year, Alexandra took two teams consisting of 6 players each to the Football Borough Festival held at the Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub. The competition was huge and a total of 33 teams entered across the Borough. We knew we had to be confident and at our very best to be in a chance of qualifying.

As both teams were split into different groups, Mr Hollins and Miss Smith, our coaches of our football team, took a team each, Mr Hollins (Alexandra A ) and Miss Smith (Alexandra B) and headed off to their designated pitches to start their tournament. Both teams played the 3-1-1 formation for our 6 a-side matches and worked tirelessly throughout.

The first matches for both teams were tough with Alexandra A battling out in a goal-less draw against Hounslow Heath, whilst Alexandra B taking a heavy loss against Springwell. After this, both teams took it up a gear and played with more confidence with Alexandra A hammering Springwell 3-0 with Herdi, Octavian and David scoring some fantastic goals. Alexandra B in turn put in a lot of effort to gain a good result against Smallberry.

On to the next two matches and Alexandra B were up against Marlborough in another tricky match. Despite some near chances and some good skills, they couldn’t come up with the win which resulted in a 1-0 loss. However in their final match, Alexandra B finally got the win that they deserved and came back from being 1-0 down, to winning 2-1 in an impressive turnaround which they can be proud about.

The final two group games for Alexandra A continued to be tricky. Their next game was against Southville, who would eventually win the group and were very strong and organised. Despite some great attacking from Alexandra, we ended up being caught on the break and let in a goal. After working really hard to try and get back into the match, we ended up suffering our first defeat for Alexandra A. Our last match in the group was against Isleworth Town which was a very frustrating game. Alexandra A quickly scored with powerful hit shot by Octavian and seemed to be coasting the game. However, right at the death, a lapse of concentration and Alexandra A let them in on goal and they scored an undeserved equaliser to draw the game 1-1.

Anxiously waiting for the results, we found out Alexandra A had been given a place in quarter finals which all the children were thrilled about and let out a big cheer. Our quarter final match was to be played against Fairholme.

The quarter final was a very tense but exciting match to watch. Both teams were constantly pressing high up the pitch and working extremely hard to win the ball. There were few chances for both teams, the best falling to Octavian whose shot looked destined to hit the back of the net, only for their goalkeeper to produce a fantastic save to push it aside for a corner. After 6 minutes, neither team could score so it went to sudden death….the dreaded penalty shootout!

Our first penalty was an absolute pile driver and was hit hard and low down the middle. Unfortunately for us, their goalkeeper stayed in his position and somehow managed to save it. Up stepped Fairholme and they scored with a well-placed penalty in the bottom corner to send Fairholme through to the semi-finals.

Both teams did Alexandra proud and worked endlessly together throughout the tournament. More importantly, everyone had fun and it was a great experience for all of them. Hopefully we will see some of them playing in the Premier League in the near future!

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Year 2 Sport’s Day – Sport’s Impact


Tuesday 21st January 2020

10 children from Year Two were selected to represent APS at the Year 2 Sports’ Day. We travelled by coach to Cranford College to compete against other Hounslow schools, in a variety of relay races. We started our day on Carousel 1, competing in activities such as the football shootout and rugby pass. We encouraged the APS team by cheering and clapping. Moving onto Carousel 2, we took part in beanbag target throwing and a ball rolling relay. After Carousel 2 we had a much needed rest break, munching into our yummy pack lunches. Onto the last Carousel we had fun running in sprints, over hurdles and even weaving through cones. The Year 2 children represented APS well, demonstrating our school values with all teachers, peers and other members attending the sports day! Overall, we had a fantastic day and had so much fun taking part in all the relay races. Well done, Year two!

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Tag Rugby Tournament – Year 5/6


Friday 17th January 2020

On a cold but sunny Friday afternoon, Mr Hollins and Miss Smith took a team, that was made up of year 5 and year 6 children, to compete in a Tag Rugby Tournament at Heston School. The tournament was made up of 4 groups with 4 teams (schools) each. Alexandra was drawn in group A against Beavers, Berkeley and Cranford.

Our first match was against a very strong Beavers team that eventually went on to win the group. After a shaky start, you could tell there was a bit of nerves in some of the players of our team, which quickly led to Beavers taking advantage and scoring two quick tries. Our team settled soon after and was able to pull back 1 try through a great solo run from Herdi. After giving it a real go in the final few minutes, we eventually ran out of time to even the tie.

On to the second match and we were up against Cranford. Our team was much more confident and played brilliantly. We were quickly able to turn over their attack from the kick off with some brilliant defensive play, particularly from our girls Mahi, Yashita and Yasmin. Straight from attack, were able to get the ball up into their territory and scored 2 tries through David and Herdi. Cranford did pull a try back but our defence remained solid and we won the game 2-1.

Our last game of the group was against a very tricky Berkeley team. Both teams defences were on fine form as neither team could break down each-others defence. Alexandra came the closest to scoring a try, but it was deemed however that our player had his feet off the pitch when placing the ball down. It ended 0-0 in a really tight and tough game.

After completing our group games, we found out that we were now runners up in our group. Alexandra had landed a place in the semi-finals and were up against the team that had won Group B.

This was a very exciting match that had to go into overtime. After another piece of excellent defending straight from the start and turning the ball over, we were on the attack again but struggled to get through a well organised defence. When we did get through, after a some neat play and brilliant run from Said, he ended being caught out by a last ditch tackle which resulted in the ball being turned over. The opposition were on the attack again and they finally did manage to break down our defence this time and scored a good try. This only seemed to spur Alexandra on and straight after the restart, David went on a magical run and equalised bringing the scores level at 1-1. After many attempts from each team to score that winning try, the game went into overtime and unfortunately for us, the opposition managed to score that winning try to win 2-1.

Overall, our team were amazing. Their effort, communication and teamwork were brilliant and they were all leaders on and off the pitch. This was even recognised by other school leaders who praised Alexandra for their performances. This gives us great confidence for next year’s tournament where hopefully we will be winners!

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Boccia Tournament


Wednesday 20th November 2019

Alexandra took part in this year’s Boccia tournament on Wednesday 20th November. This cluster tournament was introduced to primary schools to encourage and involve children with special educational needs.

We decided to enter both an A and B team, which consisted of a mixture of 6 boys and girls across the years 3, 5 and 6. Both teams performed extremely well, with our A team reaching through to the semi-finals against Springwell Primary. It was an exciting semi-final, with both schools battling for that final position. Although, at the last stage, it looked like our opponents were going to beat us, Alexandra, with their last ball, was able to succeed and get us through to the finals.

During the final game, it was a very tense but an enjoyable game to watch with Alexandra and Reach academy playing a thrilling first round. However, Reach Academy won that round by 1 point.

Into the second round, Alexandra was in the lead and it looked like it was going to have to go to a deciding round. Unfortunately, Reach Academy, with their last ball, managed to make a superb throw which won them the game and the trophy.

It was an amazing event and well done to all the children that took part and made all at Alexandra extremely proud.

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Girls Football Tournament


Thursday 17th October 2019

This cluster tournament took place on Thursday 17th October 2019 and was held at Cranford Community School and included 10 Hounslow Primary Schools, in and around our cluster. This year we took along two teams of 7 girls per side. Our girls were ably coached by Mr Hollins who holds a football and referee qualification. Both teams played exceptionally well and were able to win a few of their matches. The matches they lost, the girls were able to hold off the opposing teams so that the scores were only a few goals between them. Our girl’s football team will continue to practise throughout the rest of the academic year with Mr Hollins and Miss Smith running the girls football club before school every Monday morning. This year, we are extremely pleased at the girl’s dedication and because of this; more girls throughout the school have started to take an interest in the sport.

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