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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School

The curriculum that we have devised at APS is broad, balanced and ambitious. We have thought about how children learn and the personal development of learners, considered the knowledge, understanding and skills children need to learn and use.  We have developed a curriculum that also reflects our community. The school’s curriculum promotes the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) and physical development of pupils at the school and of society and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and expectations of later life. Speaking, communication and reading lie at the heart of our curriculum so that when children enter their next stages of education and then ultimately employment the young people know that educators and employers want them to have the following attributes:

To have  

  • a good grasp of basic knowledge and skills;
  • be reliable, take responsibility and show resilience;
  • an ability to build and maintain relationships;
  • an ability to work collaboratively in a team;
  • creativity and use problem solving skills.

For further information on the curriculum we use, please see the learning pages and curriculum maps. These can be found on the year group pages. Please contact the school, using the year group leader e-mail address, should you require further information.


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