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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Australian Bushfires Fundraising


The children have asked school council if we can help support the people and wildlife in Australia who are currently having difficulties as the bushfires cause a great deal of destruction and harm. Although Australia is on another continent over 15000 km away from us here in Hounslow, children and staff have been shocked by the news reports they are seeing. School council have asked if we can help in some small way and would like to do two things in the next few weeks.

We are holding a non-school uniform day on Monday 20th January with Australia as the theme. Children can dress as an Australian, an Australian animal or come in clothes in Australian national
colours. Children can bring a £1 donation.

We are also holding a ‘name the Koala or Kangaroo’ completion, again for a £1, children can enter to win the toys above if they can guess their names correctly. This will be held daily in the quad afterschool for your chance to enter. Good luck. All money raised will go to the Red Cross Australia to support displaced families and to support Wildlife conservation.


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