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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Planned Phased Return to School | Alexandra Primary School - Hounslow 020 8570 6105
Planned Phased Reopening of School Update for Y1 Parents 01/06


Below you will find various documents related to our plan for a phased return of children to our school. Parents will be contacted directly when their child is included in the next phase.

Letter to all Parents on Phased Reopening

Parent FAQ - Updated 03/06

Further Guidance for Parents

Further Guidance on Curriculum

Further Guidance on Playtimes

School Map for Parents


Year 1 - Planned reurn 08/06/2020

Letter to Year 1 Parents on Phased Reopening

Draft Year 1 Time Table

Further Information for Year 1 Parents on Phased Reopening

School Map for Year 1 Parents


Year 6 - Planned return 01/06/2020

Letter to Year 6 Parents on Phased Reopening

Draft Year 6 Time Table

Further Guidance on Lunchtime Arrangements for Year 6