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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Safer School Journeys



Parking on School Keep Clear markings is inconsiderate, selfish and dangerous. Parents and carers who stop on the markings to drop off or collect their children endanger their children's and other children's lives.

School Keep Clear markings are there to help children to see and be seen by traffic while they cross. They need clear space so they can Stop, Look, Listen and Think. Children should never have to cross between parked cars.

Many councils have introduced penalties for parking on School Keep Clear markings.

If you stop or park on the markings you maybe committing an offence and could get a parking ticket or fine.



  • Do not stop or park on School Keep Clear markings even to drop off or collect children or other passengers
  • Avoid parking opposite School Keep Clear markings
  • Do not reverse your car into school entrances or nearby driveways to turn round
  • Do not double park
  • Make sure children are in car seats suitable for their age and height and that you  and all other passengers wear a seat belt
  • Always check mirrors and blind spots for pedestrians, cyclists and passing vehicles before you open car doors
  • Always let children and other passengers out on the pavement side



Ask yourself:

Is it healthier for me and my child/children to walk or cycle to school?

Can I park away from school and walk with my child/children to and from school?

Is it important that my child learns road safety skills with me to make them safer?

Could I walk to and from school one day a week?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions just take the next step and walk to school.

Walking to school is really easy; give yourself plenty of time to get to school and enjoy the experience with your child/children.



Many schools have a school crossing patrol officer or Lollipop person operating nearby, Please give them your support and consideration as they perform their duties. After all, they are there for children's safety.

Park away from them so they can see and be seen by approaching traffic.

Reduce your SPEED and be ready to STOP especially in bad weather.

Obey their instructions when signalling you to STOP You will be breaking the law if you fail to do so. and you could endanger the Lollipop person's and children's lives.

STOP means Stop!



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