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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Storytime Corner

Welcome to the Alexandra Storytime Corner. Here you will be able to listen to stories told by staff from around the world, traditional tales, well known stories and some less well known stories and poems.

Listening to someone telling a story is an important activity at any age. Hearing stories helps children develop their imagination and understanding of unfamiliar places and settings that they might not have experienced. Children can learn about the characters, their ‘voices’ and how their emotions are expressed through words and phrases the author uses. They help develop word understanding, word association and the vocabulary we use every day and vocabulary used less often and the multiple meaning of some words and phrases we use everyday. Listening to someone telling a story can help the listener understand more about language, grammar and punctuation and 'build a picture’ of the characters, setting and the plot in the listener's minds eye.

Telling traditional tales, stories passed down through the generations helps us understand more about the world around us. If you have a story you would like to tell, in English or your home language, and would like to share it, please let us know as we would love to share them on this page.

We all have a story to tell or read, tell it to your family and us.











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