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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
School council


At Alexandra Primary School, we value the ideas and opinions of our children in helping us to make our school the best place it can be for them. Our School Council, which is made up of an elected member from each class, represents the whole school and allows all children to have a voice through class meetings and discussions. Any suggestions from either our face to face meetings or our Smart School Council Programme are then fed back to the Senior Leadership Team.

Being a school council member is open to everyone at the start of each academic year and it provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop their personal skills, teamwork and responsibility as well as learning about democracy. 

Our School Council promotes our school values across all year groups as well as prioritising British Values, Wellbeing and supporting our work as a Rights Respecting School to ensure that all children know their rights and that their views are respected.

Some of the things that our School Council has been involved with over the last 2 years:

·         Raising money for a wide range of charities including Children in Need, Comic Relief, support for the Australian bushfires and Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

·         Development of a Buddy Stop to support children at break times

·         Installation of football nets

·         Organising a school talent show

·         Curriculum development by sharing ideas and working with a range of subject leaders

·         Sharing ideas of how to make learning more memorable at APS

·         Development of wellbeing across the school

·         Involvement in deciding which after school clubs are offered

·         Installation of an outdoor book area

·         Creation of 100 things to do before children leave APS