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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Behaviour in school

Staff at Alexandra Primary School work closely as a team to help guide and develop our children as they grow and learn. We will continue our strong emphasis on high quality pastoral support through the use of clear rewards, sanctions and boundaries. We manage behaviour and emotional support through having developed clear rules, routines, rewards, consequences and staff training.

In the classroom our teachers and Learning Support Assistants work together to ensure that behaviour does not become a barrier to learning.

Staff strive to be fair and consistent. We work collaboratively and constructively with the children to ensure they understand the expectations we have for them in terms of their behaviour and conduct in school.

This is based on a commitment to spend time ensuring the children are given clear boundaries, encouraged to reflect on and learn about how their behaviour affects others and to support them in developing empathy with those around them.

We create an atmosphere of calm purposefulness in which the development of respectful relationships is a priority.

We will communicate clearly and honestly with parents and carers about important issues or the behaviour of the children. We will always strive to work in partnership in support of each Alexandra child.