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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Medicine in school

Administration of medication

Medication must be administered at home where possible. If this is not possible and your child needs to have medicine during school hours, a parent or a relative will need to come to school and administer the medicine .

Please remember:

  • Medication must NOT be given to your child to bring to school.

Other important information

Your child’s dietary or medical needs should be identified on your child’s admission form. Please notify the school office immediately if there are any changes to these.

  • If your child has a short term medical need e.g. recent surgery, broken bone, any other injuries, a parent will need to bring them to school so that we can prepare a risk assessment to make their time in school safe.
  • If your child is Asthmatic, you must bring in an inhaler to be kept in school and replace it promptly when we inform you another one is needed.
  • If you have any questions, please speak to one of our welfare officers.

Procedure for reporting accident or illness in school to parents

Following an illness or injury – Our first aiders will fill out a new slip indicating the nature of injury/illness and what steps the school has taken in terms of first aid. We will also send home a copy of the slip (in yellow) with your child for your reference.

Following a bump to the head – In addition to the above, we will telephone you to give you the details, as well as placing a red “I’ve bumped my head today” wristband, on your child’s wrist.

The reason for this is that any adult in school, school visitors and adults at home can see that a bump to the head has happened and will remain vigilant over the next 24 hours – which is the advise doctors give in this situation. Please remove the wrist band when you have seen it. It is our aim to keep your children as safe as possible. We hope that this system keeps you well informed and helps you and the school work in partnership.