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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Get Hounslow reading


Alexandra Primary School has been involved with ‘Get Hounslow Reading. ’ This three year project is a long-term primary project developed to meet the reading needs of schools across the borough. Hounslow Education Partnership has worked hard to develop activities and training for schools across Hounslow. The Local Authority provided £25k of funding over the three years.


GHR has developed the following in school through workshops and networking:

• Reading for pleasure research and pedagogy publicised more widely across school

• Teacher knowledge of children’s literature, poetry and non-fiction increased

• Teachers and children as readers

• Diversity in books – does our book stock reflect our children’s lives and offer a window into the lives of others.


To date GHR has delivered the following:

• Over 500 teacher trained

• 75 school ambassadors in school

• 44 primary schools involved, 4 special and 4 secondary school

• 13000 children reached

• Over 3000 books delivered to schools

• 27 Padlets created

• 2 GHR Conferences with attendance well over 100 delegates on each occasion.

• Reading for Pleasure (RfP) Booklet produced delivered to all HEP member schools.


As a result of being involved in GHR, school has trained 2 contingent talk ambassadors and two reading for pleasure ambassadors. Ambassadors promote aspects of reading in school with staff and children, parents and the wider community.  

It was a pleasure to attend the recent GHR Conference and provide a keynote on the UK Literacy Association / Open University Reading for Pleasure Quality Mark. School has also applied for the RfP Quality Mark, one of 25 schools nationally who have been accepted onto this programme. School should receive notification about the RfP QM in July.