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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary divides writing skills into two areas:

• Transcription (spelling and handwriting)

• Composition (articulating ideas in speech and writing)


We recognise that both these elements are essential to success and we recognise that these areas are clearly linked to the other aspects of English learning: speaking and listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary.


We encourage our pupils to write across the whole curriculum and not just in their English lessons. We believe that by teaching the children to write at an age appropriate standard they will have the skills to be able:

• To be confident and independent in written language.

• To use the written word as an effective method of communication.

• To understand and use Standard English, with accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

• To develop the stamina and skills to write at length.

• To write in a range of ways and for different purposes.

• To express themselves creatively and reflect about the content of their work.

• To organise their thoughts and ideas logically so that they are appropriate for their intended audience.


Each writing unit should contain a mixture of different writing approaches but should always begin with exploration of similar texts for the children to break down into their relevant features. Opportunities for Speaking and Listening, including drama and role play should be used where possible to support text type analysis.