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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School


Children at Alexandra aspire to be successful learners who enjoy learning through demonstrating the following values:


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers work together to build independence. Learning to support yourself is fundamental for any success you ever hope to achieve. Children also feel self-worth whenever they get to accomplish things on their own. We become more confident in facing challenges, which is important in preparing children for life outside of Alexandra.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers know what they want to achieve and how to achieve it. We do not give up when things are difficult and show determination to find a solution to a problem if we face any difficulties. We demonstrate our achievements in a variety of ways such as: academically, or through our creative talents and through our social skills and friendships.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers embrace challenge and set high expectations for themselves. Children recognise how their school learning can help them to achieve their goals in life and the wider world.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers think carefully to find solutions to the problems they may encounter. We express ourselves in many ways and are not afraid to be unique or individual in our acts or thoughts. We celebrate our talents and work hard to develop these. We appreciate and are inspired by the imagination and creativity of others and seek to encourage this.