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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
School Breathe

Breathing is something we do, often without giving it much thought.

However, if we do stop and start to think about it, this can often lead to an improvement in breathing technique, slowing breathing and taking a better breath.

We know that air quality can seriously impact on breathing, along with conditions such as Asthma and COPD.

Experiencing harmful levels of stress and anxiety can also affect breathing and the ability ‘to catch your breath’.

Learning a few simple and quick breathing techniques can help reduce levels of anxiety and destress, whilst boosting brain power by allowing more oxygen into your lungs and then to your brain.

These breathing techniques can also help to develop your thinking. We use stop and think as part of our behaviour code in school. Stopping to focus on breathing can often help children to make better choices.

At APS we are teaching children through schoolbreathe to focus on their breathing as it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and has numerous other positive benefits on all systems of the body.

Children feel calmer, allowing them to regulate their feelings and emotions and become more focussed.

Adults, give it a go, ask your child to teach you some of the breathing techniques too.

The core of the programme focusses on healthy breathing habits, breathing through the nose and using a diaphragmatic breath.

If these techniques are remembered and used, the potential benefits apart from improving respiratory issues are:

· Boosting circulation

· Focusses the mind

· Relaxes the nervous system

· Helps manage anxiety

· Improves self-worth

· Boosts the immune system

· Energises the body

· Calms the mind

· Helps regulate emotions

· Helps manage panic attacks

· Relieves depression

· Improves digestion