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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Encouraging Good Citizenship at APS


Encouraging good citizenship in school helps to develop children’s social skills. This, in turn, provides opportunities for them to engage with others and to develop an understanding of the community in which they live.  It helps us in school to develop our values, children’s rights and respect. Citizenship in school supports children's understanding of democracy, diversity and participation relevant to their lives and links to our school aims.

Citizenship provides a voice and creates a climate in school where the children feel valued, listened to and where they can talk about issues that concern them. Decisions thy take can be acted upon, but also sometimes that might not necessarily be able to be acted upon.  Children are given the reasons why if this were the case. Through Citizenship, children learn the difference between wants and needs with all reasons discussed and made clear.

Children have the opportunity to apply for certain roles in school. These roles include:

Play leaders

Lunchtime leaders

School Council

RRSA committee members

Eco Committee members


The opportunities from children having a role in school is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Providing pupils with leadership opportunities across the school
  • Giving pupils real-life experiences
  • Helping pupils become responsible, young citizens
  • Helping prepare pupils for the real world
  • Supporting pupils in developing their confidence
  • Promoting British values
  • Promoting SMSC