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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Whole Happy Healthy

At Alexandra Primary School we aim to promote a safe, stable and inclusive environment for staff and children to ensure that they are able to aspire, perform and succeed. We recognise the impact that wellbeing and mental health can have on the development of the whole child and it is our responsibility to prepare children for the future and to equip them with a range of strategies to develop their emotional literacy in order to cope with whatever life may bring.

Alongside a focus on the wellbeing of children, promoting staff wellbeing is imperative because it has a direct impact on wellbeing of the children they are in daily contact with. If staff are engaged, energised and confident, this will enable them to demonstrate the values and ethos of the school and deliver high quality teaching and learning. Our school believes in developing positive partnerships with families and the local community enabling us to work together in a child centred approach. This will encourage children to communicate their worries and concerns with the school and other adults.

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