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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School


Children at Alexandra succeed as responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society. We can teach them the following values for them to succeed:


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers “bounce back” from setbacks. We show resilience and perseverance as we try to achieve our goals. We understand the need to work hard. We are not afraid to take risks and take on-board advice that is given to us to help us in our continual development.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers endeavour to work and play with everyone. We believe in the power of teamwork – of cooperating and collaborating. Working together equates to success for all. We show tolerance and understanding for every group and individual and people’s different beliefs and ways of life. We have an understanding of good manners and demonstrate these always.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers learn that responsibility is doing your share. We carry out our duties with integrity. We accept what is required and carry out the task to the best of our ability. We know that responsibility lies at home, school and in our world. We know that along with rights there are responsibilities.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers learn that if you are trustworthy you can be relied on to do the right thing. We learn that trust is not giving in to temptations or wants. We learn that trusting people is part of everyday life. We know that being reliable will allow us to succeed in life at school and beyond.