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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School
Young carers

At Alexandra School we believe all young people have a right to an education, regardless of their situation at home. When a young person has a caring responsibility they may need extra support to help them get the most out of school. We define a Young Carer as a young person who has caring responsibilities for a family member with a disability, physical/mental health condition or substance misuse issue. Young carers may provide physical care, personal care, help with medication, practical tasks, or provide emotional support.

We work closely with Brentford Community Sports Trust, who can provide support after school and during school holidays.

Our School has identified members of staff with special responsibility for Young Carers, and informs all new students who the member of staff is and what they can do to help. Mrs Bird is the Young Carers Operational lead and Mr Norton is the SLT lead.

We treat Young Carers in a sensitive and child-centered way, upholding confidentiality. The young person’s caring role is acknowledged and respected.

In school we run a weekly peer support group on a Tuesday afternoon, overseen by Mrs Bird, allowing Young Carers to provide emotional support to each other regarding their caring role and also gives weekly access to an adult who is aware of their individual situation.

We make referralstotheYoungCarersProjectwhereappropriateandwiththefamilyand young person’s permission and take opportunities to network with other Young Cares school groups where possible.