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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Primary School


Children at Alexandra perform as well as they can. To achieve to the best of their ability, they should demonstrate the following values:


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers endeavour to work and play with everyone within their community and show respect for every group and individual, the school environment and themselves. We demonstrate self-respect and believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally and with compassion.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & children learn that honesty is to say what we think and is telling what really happened. Honesty is telling the truth. When we feel honest, we feel clear on the inside. There are no contradictions in thoughts, words and actions. We learn that honesty is having a clear conscience and that being honest brings trust.


Alexandra children, staff, parents and carers are enthusiastic and articulate about their learning and their school community. Children know they can say how they feel and know how to communicate their thoughts and feelings. If we teach children to be articulate then they can develop their skills and consequently, become more confident.


Alexandra children, staff, parents & carers demonstrate the value of reflection, which is thinking carefully about our learning and actions. We get to know our own strengths and weaknesses and may have quiet time with ourselves and others. This in turn, will allow us to build on our past experiences of learning to make future learning experiences even better.